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Sober Reflections on Mother’s Day

It is the selfish one
Who says, “My children are my world”
Her narcissism exposed by her declaration
Every parental labor measured
According to reciprocated praise
When such adoration is found lacking
She wraps herself in the mantle
Of the forsaken martyr
And thus she gorges herself
On the exaltation of this day
Her motherhood will no doubt be remembered
Her legacy carved in the tablets of time
She bore Ashteroth and raised Baal
Yes, she will fight for her children
They are her very image

There sits another woman
A daughter of Eve
Though well acquainted with Sophia
Her young life exchanged for sowing seeds
Her middle years spent pruning back wild thorns
Like Hannah before her
The fruit of her toil did not return praise
But turned their affections to Another
For they are His image
Her pleasure is found in His glory
Joy and love too great
To ever be contained in a mere word or holiday


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The Bee

Alas has no space
Though a lot does
But no space for great-grandfather
Or the boy who thought there was

Which witch just said
It is bear and not bare
And with that
Their kid is crying over there

Remember pour, not poor
And flour, not flower
No flower for the poor girl
Who poured out the flour

Who’s minding whose business
It’s different than its
That apostrophe catastrophe
Took out little miss

There’s no saint like Saint John
Though there may be in May
But that capital notion
Just ruined his day

Now thinking about
Round pants for a clown
And ouch, now another one
Has fallen down

Ah but in victory
There’s a sweetness it seems
But oh, kid, be careful
That bee surely stings

To Caleb, who endured twenty six rounds and brought home fourth place!  I’m very proud of you!


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