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Displaced River

Displaced river flows
from pleasure to heartache
Jubilation ends on the corps’s dry ground
As charges ignite

There are no winners
Those who had, have not
Those who had not
Are left with nothing

Summoned memories
Teaching what was worth having
Sounds of mocking scorn
To the ones who controlled

The ones who held water to its form
manageable for a use
Are left with no purpose
They grasp at the wind

No form remains
Only that which hovers
In the darkness over the void
And all hidden within


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The jester works in echoes past
He has no voice today
Surely did he breathe his last
For this gig, he earned his pay

But still his voice, it lingers on
Carried again by air and wire
Resounding through this day’s dawn
Sparking action like a fire

And laughter too accompanies it
The crowd lifts him on its wings
The proper response for each bit
As music they continue to sing

And as a tree falls, the dead man speaks
But I wonder if he’s there
For now he’s found the truth we seek
All that’s left is moving air

What wisdom comes from the voice of fools
Though by the court acclaimed
Are these lessons the finest school
Having met the standard of fame?


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Symbol of Evil
Struck down sparks celebration
The shared fate of all

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