186 Miles

One hundred and eighty six miles
Close enough to identify
Far enough to be at peace




Far enough to not be bothered
Close enough to be in fashion
Life goes on in the midst of tragedy
Separated by minutes and miles
One hundred and eighty six
To Joplin



Filed under Disaster

6 responses to “186 Miles

  1. what a ride.

    your imagination truly is divine.
    Happy Rally.


  2. Oh wow my mom’s town was devastated by storms as well businesses, homes obliterated she was lucky herself its such a mixed thing feeling relieved but at the time tormented by the people who weren’t so lucky

  3. wow – what a tragic twist _ I love the ending

  4. let us know after you are done 18 commenting,
    have fun.
    visiting poets is a way to get feedback to your work.

  5. Nice work
    Best wishes

  6. What happened in Joplin was devastating. But like you said life goes on. I hope that the victims of that disaster are able to continue on. Great poem

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