The stranded girl in a strange small town
No one knows her name
The weeping husband who has confessed
But hangs his head in shame.

They are broken

A woman sucked a cancer stick
And glared across the lot
Her daughter shares this hateful scorn
Others have what she thinks she ought

They are broken

The cashier who fights the newsman
Because the drivers spoke in rage
The man who says that all is well
He thinks himself a sage

They are broken

The pastor who tries to fix them all
With a good study or timely phrase
The poet who’d rather watch the masses
For his own faults are too difficult to face

I am broken



Filed under Despair

19 responses to “Broken

  1. Ina

    This poem is about heart breaking aking people, so many troubled souls, too hard to be fixed by just one. Written with a lot of understanding and compassion.

  2. i like repetition of “they are broken”..
    the poem is beautifully written with a lot of understanding and compassion!:)
    thanks for sharing

  3. what a pastor that is. if only more were like him.

  4. Mmmmm. Aren’t we all? Cracked vessels seeking fill, redemption, affirmation, adoration. Any more broken and I’d be pieces of a whole. Perhaps I already am. But I’ve never sought out a whole. I’ve never sought out a perfect friend. It’s the cracks that draw me in, as if they’ve suction beyond my resistence. I might back-peddal, but I’m always happy to be eventually lost in the maze that is you!

  5. hard to face that kind of poets.
    fun word play.

    you make sadness easy to see and feel.


  6. Some verses leave us quiet.. for they bring again in words, a picture of what we have been engrossed in, every day. observing, reacting, then becoming immune to it. Nonchalant observers.. Well penned as usual Leo. What else can I say. The last line takes my breath away coz I share it with you, the feeling.

    Puplumages is Purvi πŸ™‚
    I am from ~

  7. You must be broken to be fixed, no one is born complete. Its the steps in life which makes us whole. I liked how you described each scenario as its own.

  8. loved the repitition in this and the imagery. happy rally!

  9. beautifully written
    thanks for sharing

  10. Such a powerful repeating statement. We all are or have been broken at some point in our lives. I disagree with Mr. Blaque no offense I believe we are complete when born, I don’t ascribe to the concept of original sin. Looking at very small children it seems they innately know the meaning of life, with age we forget. My daughter somehow seems to know where she belongs and what she needs to do and she just does it (call it instinct but without some instinct were not all the useful lol), she has at 3 a sense of self I at 30 don’t have.

  11. Cracked vases and old amphorae with patched repairs – so we are.
    But we are trees also – just needing space and light.

  12. I really like the use of the repeating phrase and the way you switch from third person (outside observation) to first person (introspective)

    Nice job!

  13. D

    …and we are all broken



  14. yup we are all broken in some way, yet we learn and we grow and slowly we start to repair. at least it is my hope, and hope is all I have.

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  16. Humans are not perfect. We strive for perfection but we might not succeed all the time. Important point is we try – and as poets we endeavour to share out what we see in words form. Similar to singers/dancers/painters, artists who paint out what we have been missing out or looking but not truly seeing in our everyday life.

    Thanks for expressing your thoughts:)

  17. I loved your poem. It carries a message of humanity and the road we allow ourselves by falling into the futility of our situations. Your poem brought to mind the Eagles song, New York Minute. IT’s sad but it doesn’t have to be this way. Just by your very declaration in poetry, I had the sense of movement into the direction of, “it doesn’t have to be this way.” Really evocative. Cindy

  18. There is so much depth to your words…great job painting a picture with your words!

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