The Bee

Alas has no space
Though a lot does
But no space for great-grandfather
Or the boy who thought there was

Which witch just said
It is bear and not bare
And with that
Their kid is crying over there

Remember pour, not poor
And flour, not flower
No flower for the poor girl
Who poured out the flour

Who’s minding whose business
It’s different than its
That apostrophe catastrophe
Took out little miss

There’s no saint like Saint John
Though there may be in May
But that capital notion
Just ruined his day

Now thinking about
Round pants for a clown
And ouch, now another one
Has fallen down

Ah but in victory
There’s a sweetness it seems
But oh, kid, be careful
That bee surely stings

To Caleb, who endured twenty six rounds and brought home fourth place!  I’m very proud of you!



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21 responses to “The Bee

  1. Nice poem to dedicate to a spelling bee winner!! 🙂 Great!

  2. vivid imagery, well painted piece.


    Happy Rally,

  3. great way to play with the words!

  4. I adore the use of homophones in this poem! So fitting for a poem about spelling. This was much fun to read and well crafted.

  5. exquisite words, well written!

  6. Diana C

    Awesome work!

  7. thrilled with this poem
    wish we’d studied it in school
    instead of drab tome

  8. Good word play. Like the poem.

  9. Great use of homophones. A witty piece.

  10. Great wrod play, skill. Enjoyable!

  11. Very cute and very clever
    I am sad to say I make so many unnecessary mistakes maybe remembering your poem will help!

  12. Hello,
    Appreciate your participation at poets rally,
    Please return favor to poets who are here yet you did not reach them initially,
    Bless your day.
    Have fun!


  13. 26 rounds! That is persistence and gallantry.
    This poem is a well fitted tribute.
    Good to know there are chivalrous poets like you two.

  14. Wonderful! And ever so much better than my attempt at an “Ode-Owed To Two Too Homonyms!” Congrats to Caleb! Twenty-six rounds! Wow! What a great tribute, and very well done! The above-mentioned “Ode” is not my entry this week, but you might enjoy the challenge I made when i posted it:

    My entry this week is found here.

  15. A.B. Thomas

    utterly delightful word play!

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